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one ... another ...句型结构分析语法讲解:句子成分、什么句型句...,another,one,单词记忆法、语法用法,与another,one, 相关例句、名人名言

one ... another ... 句型结构分析语法讲解:句子成分、什么句型句法,怎么用什么意思[1]another单词记忆法

结构︰... one ... another ...


I don’t like this one; show me another. 我不喜欢这个,给我看另一个。(暗示:这种东西至少有三种以上)[2]other单词记忆法

At one time, she is fine, but at another, she is abnormal. 有时候,她表现得很好,有时候又失常。

I really don’t know what kind of man he really is; on one occasion, he is normal, and on another, he acts like a lunatic. 我真不了解他到底是怎样的人;一会儿正常,一会儿又像个疯子。[3]what,know,相关知识点
要学会疑问词加不定式的用法,特别要注意的是what是疑问代词,而how是疑问副词。如:I want to know what to do. (我想知道干什么)。 I want to know how to do it. (我想知道如何去作)。 要注意的是how to do it 中的it是不可少的,因how是疑问副词,不能作及物动词的宾语,而what是疑问代词,可做do的宾语,查看详情>>


a. 另外的, 再一的, 不同的pron. 又一个, 另一个, 类似的另一个相关词组: one another one after another


n. 一(个)pron. 一, 任何人num. 一, 一个a. 一致的, 完整的相关词组: one day one night one morning pull a fast one on sb be at one for one in one in the year one lay one on sb never a one one after another one after the other one and all one and only one and the same one another one by one one of these days one of these fine days one or other one or two one too many become one be one-up on sb


There is always a first brave person who breaks step with the stam-peding masses fleeing in panic, who pauses to help another to his feet ,creating his own eye in the storm, The stuff of heroes is made, forged in the midst of tragedy, in the blink of an eye.——Norman Stephens ,American writer在惊慌乱逃的人群中,总有第一个勇敢者冲出,停下来扶人站起,在风暴中闪出自己的亮眼。英雄的素质铸成于转瞬之间的危难之中。美国作家   斯蒂芬斯.N.
One man makes a chair and another man sits in it. 坐享其成。
One man may steal a horse while another may not look over a hedge. 只许州官放火,不许百姓点灯。
Husbands and wives in the process of divorce (and those in the throes of another argument )easily fall into the trap of denigraging the other, publicly if possible, and as often as possible.——Howards Mel, American writer 正在闹离婚的(包括那些处于吵闹不停的痛楚中的)夫妻们很容易陷在对方的泥沼中不能自拔, 这种诋毁是尽可能公开的,尽量频繁地进行。美国作家 梅尔.H. "
One sows another reaps. 不劳而获。
How differences between men and women might be used for our mu-tual benefit in everything from our relation with one another to a better undrestanding of how our brains work.——Delia M.Rios .American writer男女间的差异在各方面——从人际关系到加深对脑力工作方式的理解——使双方都受益。美国作家   里奥斯.D.M.

No, this shoe doesn't fit. Let me try another one.

Waiter, another beer please.

One player hits the baseball that was thrown by another player.

We don't want another political speech - we want action!


We should put aside and postpone all other reforms; that we  have but one task-----the istruction of the people, the diffusion of education, the ecourgement of science----on that day a great step will have then been taken in our rgenerion.Leon Gambetta, French educator——我 们应该把一切改革先放下。我们只有 一项任务,就是教育人民,普及知识、倡导科学。这一天到来之时,便是我们振国兴邦之日。法国教育  爱甘必大  L
Two sparrows on one ear of corn make an ill agreement. 一穗两雀争,意见乱纷纷。
No one can degrade us except ourselves; that if we are worthy, no influence can defeat us.——B.T.Washington, American educator除了我们自己以外,没有人能贬低我们。如果我们坚强,就没有什么不良影响能够打败我们。美国教育家   华盛顿 B T
The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one ,.——Malcolm Forbes, American educator教育的目的是用能工巧匠接受新思想的头脑去取代一个空虚的灵魂。美国教育家  福布斯 M
False with one can be false with two. 对一个人虚伪,也会对两个人虚伪。
The most normal and the most perfect human being is the one who most thoroughly addresses himself to the activity of his best powers ,gives himself most thoroughly to the world around him ,flings himself out into the midst of humanity ,and is so preoccu pied by his own beneficent reaction on the world that he is practically unconscious of a sep arate existence...  最正常、最完美的人就是那彻底投身于自己最擅长的活动的人,是那完全献身于周围世界的人,是和群众打成一片的人。他完全专心致志于他对世界的有利作用,以致于几乎意识不到自己与世界还存在距离……  Frences E .C. Willard. American Social activist   美国社会活动家拉德,F。E。C。  
The brotherly spirit of science , which unites into one family all its votaries of whatever grade ,and however widely dispersed throughout the different quarters of the globe.——Franklin Rosevelt, American president 科学的博爱精神把分散在世界各地、各种热心科学的人联结成一个大家庭。美国总统 罗斯。.F.
Gossip is that which no one claims to like-but everybody enjoys. 没人自称喜欢听闲话,可是闲话人人都爱听。
Do not , for one repulse , give up  the purpose that you resolved to effect .(William Shakespeare , British dramatist)  不要只因一次失败,就放弃你原来决心想达到的目的。(英国剧作家 莎士比亚.W.)
Do not, for one repulse, forgo the purpose that you resolved to effort. ( Shakespeare )——    不要只因一次挫败,就放弃你原来决心想达到的目的。(莎士比亚)


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本文标题:one ... another ... 句型结构分析语法讲解:句子成分、什么句型句法,怎么用什么意思什么意思、怎么读?单词用法、记忆法、发音音标、反义词同义词辨析、例句造句、释义




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